An Easy-to-Use Medication Reminder System for

MedaCheck’s Progressive Reminder System

Bringing you technology and behavioral support

Available via tablet and as a standalone app, MedaCheck makes sure you take the right dose, at the right time, every time.


MedaCheck’s progressive reminder system includes:

  • Alarm reminder & visuals of each medication
  • Follow-up call from trained professional within the hour to remind patient to take medication
  • Notification for up to 2 people if user does not take medication after follow-up call

Which solution is right for you?

solutionPhone tablet

iOS Apple


Tablet Program for seniors and caregivers


Here’s how it works:

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Once you purchase your MedaCheck
tablet or download the app, you or your
caregiver can enter all your
medications. If you ordered the tablet
version, all you have to do is plug your
tablet into an electrical outlet once
you enter your medications.

Now ongoing alerts from your MedaCheck
device will tell you when it’s time to
take your medication each day.

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When it is time to take your
medication, large photos will
accompany clear instructions
telling you how to properly
administer each drug. Our
database includes more than
175,000 medications.

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If you miss a dosage, you will
receive a reminder text or
call from the
MedaCheck Care Team

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Once you have received
this support call from the
MedaCheck Care Team,
your caregiver, relative, or
health practitioner can also be
alerted via, text, email, or call.

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Your caregiver,
family members, or
medical professionals is able to
see ongoing, real-time updates
about the status of your health

Download by text

Receive a text message with a download link to our app

Only MedaCheck combines technology & personal follow-up calls to enable medication adherence